Ross Folk Photography


Whats in my Camera Bag

This  is just a quick blog of the gear i currently use in 2018. As with most photographers we all like to get new gear so im sure it will change next year.



My main camera is the Sony A7 i wanted to get a full frame camera this is the one i chose. I switched to Sony from Cannon. For weddings the lighter camera is great for when your holding it all day and it looks less intrusive for the style I go for. I do hope to pick up a Mark 3 next year.

Back up camera at the moment is the Sony A5000. This was the first mirrorless camera i got I fell in love with the Sony systems. its bit out dated now I would like to get the A6300 in time.


I shoot with prime lenses only. I like the shallow depth of field and the speed of primes. As i try not to shoot with flash where possible as i find that it can be off putting for the wedding guests. So i have the Sony FE 28mm f2 this lens is great for the getting ready portion of the day especially if the room is not very spacious. Plus its good for group shots,

The lens that is on my camera most of the time is the Sony FE 50mm f1.8. i use this most of the candids thought out the day. Its a good work horse its great for candids and reception and its basically what the eye sees so its like your part of the day.

Then for portraits and the ceremony i have the Sony FE 85mm f1.8. This lens is sharp and makes for great portraits for the couple. i don't do many church weddings so im normally free to roam so i don't need the reach of the 70-200mm lenses, I do shoot with a second shooter and they shoot with the zooms.

Lastly i have a Sony E 30mm f3.5 macro lens, I really use this lens its just for the ring shots and a few details but not used for many shots but it definitely comes in handy i wouldn't be without it.

Other Bits

I have 4 spare batteries as a lot of people know the battery life in the A7 is not the best get around 350 shots on a full battery. I find its not to hard to change a battery while shooting. I have memory cards stored in a think tank pocket pixel. Newer flash unit which doesn't get much use to be honest. Ravpower charger to charge my battery, with the ravpower file hub to back up the images at the end of the night. This also works as a power bank to charge my batteries if there isn't a power source. iPad mini 4 for editing images if i need to plus to back up images from the file hub.


For my camera bag I use the Lowepro tahoe 150. As I shoot mirrorless the camera and gear is compact and this fits everything I need in it. Plus i have the lowepro passport sling to carry my lenses and bits when shooting.